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What software do you use & what type of files can you accept?
All mold designs are first done in 2D AutoCAD for your review. Once the 2D design has been approved we will do a complete 3D mold design in Pro-Engineer. We can accept and prefer native files in the following formats: Pro-E, Solidworks, CATIA and Unigraphics. We also can accept IGS, STP, AND DXF files.
How is your mould capacity?
We can make from 50-1000 ton injection machine.
How many tools you can make in a month?
We can make 40 medium size tools per month on average.
How about the mold make lead time ?
Normally it takes 5 weeks T1 for a medium size tool.
What kind of molds do you mainly make?
We make molds mainly for automotive parts, home appliances, electronic parts and medical equipments.
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